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clipped from : How do you research? If you want to write about, say, GPS, like you do in your new book, do you actively research it and seek out experts, or do you just perceive what’s out there and make it your own?

Gibson: Well, I google it and get it wrong [laughter]. Or if I’m lucky, Cory Doctorow tells me I’m wrong but gives me a good fix for it. One of the things I discovered while I was writing Pattern Recognition is that I now think that any contemporary novel today has a kind of Google novel aura around it, where somebody’s going to google everything in the text. So people–and this happened to me with Pattern Recognition–would find my footprints so to speak: well, he got this from here, and this information is on this site. : You’re annotated out there.
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I eventually became exactly the sort of introverted, hyper-bookish boy you’ll find in the biographies of most American science fiction writers, obsessively filling shelves with paperbacks and digest-sized magazines, dreaming of one day becoming a writer myself.
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Gibson: It’s not that interesting for me. I’m okay with it because it doesn’t pull me in that much. The thing that limits you with Google is what you can think of to google, really. There’s some kind of personal best limitation on it, unless you get lucky and something you google throws up something you’ve never seen before. You’re still really inside some annotated version of your own head. : I think for some writers, they’d never get back in the pool with Google open to them. : Right, instead of being in a bookstore where you can browse and have things come to you, you’re browsing in your own brain.

Gibson: On my internet, the stuff in my bookmarks is like really small. Sometimes too small, crowded. But I sort of stay there. : That’s your neighborhood.

Gibson: I imagine most people do.
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Interview with William Gibson about “Source Code”

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window comedy

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who is the comedian and where is the software?
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Microsoft “New Family”
Client: Microsoft Corp.
Brand: Microsoft Corp.
Description: Watching Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld clown around in Microsoft’s new ads from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, you can’t help but think about Apple. Of…More

Apple “Pizza Box”
Client: Apple Computer, Inc.
Brand: Apple Computer, Inc.
Description: The Mac and PC return! Well, all of the Mac is back, as Justin Long is fully visible throughout this spot targeting the college crowd. The PC, on the…More

Nike “That Ain’t Right”
Client: Nike, Inc.
Brand: Nike Athletic Footwear
Description: Gay or straight, what basketball player — or anyone for that matter — wants a sweaty crotch all up in their face? This Nike print ad for Hyperdunk…More

Conservation International “Wax”video
Client: Conservation International
Brand: Conservation International
Description: Harrison Ford waxing his chest. That alone is reason enough to view this PSA for Conservation International featuring the iconic Indiana Jones star….More
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