How Microsoft and Yahoo! Let Google Win – The Connected Web

Posted in Uncategorized by Moe on May 1, 2009

Reading an article posted by \'Big Switch\' author Nick Carr on Friday, I was reminded of a job interview I had back in the late 1980s. It was at one of the big computer reseller chains of the time, and the interviewer explained to me the company\'s strategy of expanding until it owned the bulk of the distribution channel for business PCs, at which point it would, like Wal-Mart, be more powerful than the PC vendors themselves. I didn\'t take the job. Within a few years, the chain had folded, broken by recession and commoditization. Here\'s what Nick Carr wrote that brought it all back to me:

\"The broader the span of the middleman\'s control over the exchanges that take place in a market, the greater the middleman\'s power and the lesser the power of the suppliers … The reality of the web is hypermediation, and Google, with its search and search-ad monopolies, is the hypermediator.\"


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