The First Blogger, with Scott Rosenberg

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Sharing Data

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For Twitter, Sharing Data With Google Would Be Suicide

social stream to the same extent that Google has done with search. That is not good for anyone, including Facebook. I have had many discussions with people in recent weeks about the face-off between twitter and Facebook and also about the high probability of Twitter cutting a deal with Google. When I was asked by Erick Schonf

In a way we are all virtual stock holders in Twitter. We all have a vested interest in its success

twitter and facebook

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Why Facebook and Twitter Should Work Together This content requires a paid GigaOM Pro subscription

It’s refreshing to see Facebook working with Twitter more after so much premature analysis of who’s going to “kill” whom. A new feature that emerged late last week lets administrators of Facebook Pages (the pages for celebrities, organizations and businesses but not regular Joes) send status updates out directly as tweets. As Facebook and Twitter both move to court more business users, it makes sense for their closest collaboration to focus first on businesses. E-commerce, which will ultimately be a big part of each company’s business, is perhaps the area where the two need each other most