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From Bloomberg .com

Twitter Ads Add Intrigue 2010-04-13T20:55:00Z

By Scott Anthony

For what seems like forever, Twitter has been the white-hot startup staring at a critical, unanswered question: How will it translate hype, and seemingly never-ending traffic growth, into profits?

Yesterday the company announced its intentions to offer corporations the opportunity to sponsor Tweets. So-called “Promoted Tweets” will appear when people search for particular terms. Only a single sponsored Tweet will appear alongside search results. The Tweet will appear as long as it demonstrates “resonance” with the audience by being clicked or re-Tweeted. Twitter doesn’t plan to charge companies whose sponsored Tweets don’t generate high resonance. Presumably Tweets with high resonance scores will pay price premiums.

What’s to like about this move? While it’s easy to dismiss “Promoted Tweets” as just another advertising play, Twitter’s attempt to measure resonance is intriguing. Remember, companies don’t advertise for advertising sake. Rather, they advertise to help them achieve other business objectives, such as attracting new customers, or further enhancing brand loyalty. Finding novel ways to track the impact of advertising — and pricing that advertising accordingly — carries interesting potential.

Also, Twitter recognizes that its quest to develop its business model is just beginning. Senior executives plan to proceed at a judicious pace (aided, of course, by the $160 million the company has raised from venture capitalists.) The company is still in learning and experimentation mode, which is appropriate given uncertainties around its new business model. After all, it took Google a couple of years before it ironed out the kinks in its search-based advertising model.

So, there’s a potential twist and a sensible way for Twitter to learn its way to success. While this doesn’t yet classify as a breakthrough, it is an encouraging development for Twitter.

iPad, generated media reviews

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Back to the future?

Back to the future?

Remember Steve at that keynote speech on iphone,I was there: when you changed the name of apple into Apple.Inc so what are you calling  the company after this Ipad? Apple.Pad???

remember Steve..
phones  are computers before they became phones.just like airplane are cars before they become planes and cars are bicycles before they become cars,so this ipad is not the heat song of this apple album i guess.need more innovation not submit-ion to the competition.
Yes Apple has been heat hard just fellow me not on Twitter !!but on wall street  for only  $235.97 a share .

it is not too bad after all ,every body is trying to copy-cat the iphone …maybe  we will hear soon about “the facebook  Smart phone ” like “NEXUS ONE” from Google,
May be ITT sould build  a search  engine and calle it  Bingo !!! when verizion signe with Apple .
So what next for  steve jobs next role for him ? lady gaga ??!!!
can you imagine Steve Job doing lady gaga role on a  youtube video
with Bill gate his preferd partenaire insted of Beyoncee…
this may take Itune to compete with  facebook  !!!


Twitter Fuels iPad’s Big Buzz, but Sentiment Generally Neutral

April 7, 2010
Apple’s new wireless tablet, iPad, generated media reviews from “game changer” to “just a big iPod Touch.” On the day of its release, three of the top 10 most linked to news stories centered around the device. Based on Nielsen buzz data, the consumer sentiment, while leaning positive, is predominantly neutral as users are just getting their first look at the multitasking device and are considering the value of its features. As more reviews appeared and the device was released, sentiment and overall buzz volume began to drift upward and “neutral” commentary slowed down.

Of all channels contributing to consumer generated media around iPad, Twitter was the clear leader for sheer volume. Message boards, specifically gaming sites like helped boost the conversation as consumers discussed the emergence of the iPad as a viable gaming outlet.